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Espire Marketing was founded by Harrison Watson first as a digital marketing blog in 2007. In 2009, he took a leap of faith and launched a digital marketing agency focused specifically on serving small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Why specialize in SMBs? Harrison's family is full of entrepreneurs who are in this category and he was tired of seeing how poorly other marketing agencies were serving them.

In 2013, around the time that Amazon was making a major push into more categories, Harrison launched a Magento-based eCommerce marketing platform for SMBs that was designed to help smaller companies scale their product catalogs more effectively to be better prepared to compete with Amazon's product scalability.

In 2015, Harrison leveraged his knowledge of this technology to join another specialist digital agency which he helped build from the ground up as the COO. What started as three people working out of a supply closet, grew into one of the most well-respected specialist agencies serving some of the largest retail brands on the planet.

By 2018, after building the agency to a place where it could thrive without him, Harrison stepped away to get back to what he loved best, working with SMBs while also working on a project for the local food bank in urban farming.

In 2019, Harrison began exploring a new agency model that would allow smaller companies the ability to get an "agency of record" service at a price that was affordable. In 2020, this effort was launched and is as you see it today.

Our model is based on deploying specialists in each area of service and then deploying a lead strategist to keep the entire team working towards one common vision. This approach allows us to get a full team of specialists working towards one vision, that is seamlessly integrated across all channels.

Our tagline is "effective, legacy-leaving, digital marketing." We want to work with our customers to not only drive effective results now but also sow seeds for future success as well.

Meet Harrison

This is Harrison, he's the founder of Espire Marketing and acts as the main strategist for our clients.

When he's not working with our clients, Harrison's favorite things to do include: reading the Bible, continuing to improve the urban farming initiative he's working on, and lamenting the fact that he was born into a family that loves all sports teams in Cleveland.

All of Harrison's work is done on a pro-bono basis in response to the Biblical command "freely you have received, freely you will give."

All profit from Espire goes towards building "kingdom projects" like the urban farming initiative and a few others that are in the works.

Our Process

In order to do great work, we like to get in the weeds to understand your business before we launch any initiatives. After we have covered all of our bases on auditing your current efforts and your competitive market, then we launch each initiative.

We work on a system of continuous improvement and allow the data to teach us and help us learn new insights about your competitive market, make the changes that we can make to improve sales, but also share the opportunities for changes you might be able to make to take get the most out of each opportunity. This is our business intelligence function and it's a very important part of what we do together.

Our goal in all that we do is to not only drive effective results now but also sow seeds for future success so that our clients are able to leave a legacy for future generations that will own and run their business.

Long story short...

We partner with SMBs to build marketing programs that will produce positive results now and also for generations to come.

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