Legacy Leaving

Digital Marketing

Since 2009 we've been partnering with businesses to not only drive effective marketing results for now but to build programs that leave a lasting legacy of success for generations to come.

One Vision. Seamlessly Integrated. Across All Channels. By Experts.

When all things work together towards one vision you not only get great results now, but also sow seeds for future success as well. Everything will be seamlessly integrated to enhance success across all sales channels. You'll work with an expert in their field no matter which services you choose.

Web Design & Development Services Icon

Web Design & Development

We have specialists in each of most popular platforms from Shopify to Wordpress.

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Paid Ads

From paid search to paid social & retargeting we have specialists in each.

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From local SEO to nationwide SEO campaigns we have you covered.

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Social Media

Grow your social audience with experts in each of the most important platforms.

Alignment, Transparency & Trust Matter.

You'll have 24/7 access to our proprietary dashboard to view performance across all of your channels, access to support and project status, as well every piece of marketing intelligence or performance reports we've ever covered together. This will help make sure that we're always aligned on goals, gives you full transparency into what working on & how it's going so that we can maintain a strong trustworthy relationship together.

No Conflict of Interest on Fees Either

The way that billing has been done in digital marketing creates conflicts of interest that only work out in the agency's favor. We think this is wrong and so we decided to change it.

How Other Agencies Charge

  • Full Flat rate (regardless of performance)
  • Based on a % of ad spend (they are incentivized to spend more money so they can make more money)
  • Retainer + Hourly (regardless of performance).

How We Charge

  • Setup Charge + Weekly adjustable rate
  • Ala Carte Services available as well

With this approach, we cover our cost of the initial setup and offer flexible weekly adjustable payments to scale to what you actually need and stay within budget.

Want To Know What We Can Do For You?

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